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Street light




Always scan downloaded files before attempting to open


Lamps seen in downtown Toronto, along with the CN Tower

The Chalamp (also known as a Cha Lamp, Chlmp) is an AWG of a "stylish" lamp seen in Downtown Toronto, Canada. It was made by citizen C u r T i s.

Release notes

  • Object does NOT have a proper axis = It'll load in a random place. be prepared to move it about.
  • Object uses "create name ----"
  • Object forces textures to named objects. names include "li", "me", "ka" and "hoe". Please check that you have not used these names for other objects nearby or it may interfere.
  • It is recommended you use a "create light" in front of the object for a nicer feel and look, but before of the lag

World differences

The lamp looks slightly different in AWTeen compared to Alphaworld. It is currently unknown how the lamp looks in Mars, CofMeta or any other random AWI world people would load it in.