Central District (Municipal District of Sedan)

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Central District
Central District 2.jpg
Municipal District of Sedan
Class Financial
Incorporated February 15th 2006
Postal Coords 60S25W to 19S25E
Phone Area Code(s)
Road Access NL-10.pngNL-10

The Central District is a municipal district in the city of Sedan. It is the economic center of the city where it plays the role of Downtown or CBD and differs from all the other districts by having most of Sedan's high rise skyscrapers and for being majoritarily financial and commercial while most of the city is limited to low height builds.


Towers in Central District, May 2011.

The Central District is home to most of the world's companies headquarters like Nuwatel, UI Bank, Nuib and JVP Development to only name a few.

Major road access


Other Important Roads

  • Bridge Street
  • Albizia Blvd
  • Park Avenue
  • Ashfax Blvd/Route 505
  • Union Street
  • Commonwealth Street
  • Ocean View Rd/Route 2

Phone Area Codes

According to Sedan's fictional numbering plan, the district has 2 area codes exclusively for itself. Being 60 and 61.

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