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January 9th, 1999


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Carina is a private gaming world owned by Eta of Carina.


The owner of Carina derives his name, Eta of Carina, from a star in the southern constellation Carinae (proper spelling of Carina) named Eta. Eta is the seventh letter in the Greek alphabet. The star Eta Carinae is surrounded by the bipolar Homunculus Nebula. The Homunculus was partly created in an eruption of Eta Carinae, the light from which reached Earth in 1843. Having lived in New Zealand for sixteen years Eta of Carina, as an amateur astronomer, studied the southern hemisphere through various telescopes belonging to the Auckland Royal Astronomical Society. The constellation Carinae was his favorite and thus the reason for his name.

The early years of the world’s creation saw the backdrop of Carina featuring a montage of photos he had taken of the night sky. Carinae and the various nebulas in the immediate area are naked eye objects in the night sky and can be photographed with a SLR camera without aid of a telescope. Carina was the result of his longing to use different objects than what was available at the time. He made all the objects (some two thousand plus) on the world using only a few flower objects from friends and the avatars from the public object path. His modeling tools in the early years consisted of Notepad and graph paper. As of 2009 there are more than 6000 objects in the object path for Carina.

Recently the owner purchased a RPG Bot to enable a combat game system on the world. This bot is the same one used on the RPG world AD&DRPG authored by DM Mercury. He also uses Magsbot from Magine as a scavenger hunt bot where items are hidden inside mazes. The Magsbot keeps score on which maze the player successfully solves when the player finds the items at the end of the maze. Other items scattered throughout the mazes give evidence to the player’s progress. As of August 21, 2009, nobody has successfully solved any of the four mazes on Carina.

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