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CTV is currently an inactive TV station founded by Pineriver in 2002. Its popularity was vast around 2003 through early 2004, but not as popular as the TV king of the time, VWTV. The future of CTV isn't clear as the remains of the station is being negotiated. Rights to the CTV name (in AW), to the station, and its shows, were acquired by UGN Game Studios in February 2007. There are no plans to revive this station now, or in the future.


CTV was started in A!!CT World. Pineriver with what little of a crew the station had at the time began filming and advertising their station to the AW community. CTV eventually became A!!CT's official TV station. Around mid 2003 CTV's popularity sprang to it's highest. The station continued with its popularity until Pineriver decided to leave Activeworlds and goto another virtual reality program, There. Magnum decided to pick up CTV with his organization Windstar Networks. Shortly thereafter, CTV again died down (and was later acquired by GSK).