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Bridgetown is a modern ghost city that was started late in the winter of 2009. It is located between SW City and Horizon City. It was originally intended to be linked to both surrounding cities via large bodies of water and rivers and streams. Thus the anticipation of many bodies of water meant there would potentially be many bridges, and so it was named Bridge town. Bridgetown is a little known phenomenon, as the city burst into tremendous life at its conception, but within about a month it died out and became the modern ghost town it is today.


There was a broad range of building talent when it was founded. It was a collaboration of builders from nearly every aspect of AW, builders from prominent cities in Alpha World, to builders from AWTeen, and to the lone builders that exist among us. What made it historical in its own right, was that it was the first city (and I believe first project in Alpha) to use the grouptastic ppw account, where everybody logged onto the same account for a common purpose. So there is a wide range of building contributions that exist in Bridgetown.

The town itself is located at aw 4600s 10400e 5.8a 0. The city itself has a river running through it, and there are several bridges made over this river. There is a rail road track going through, transportation infrastructure (i.e. streets, tunnels, and some mass oceanic expansions) were attempted at the beginning. There is also a bit of an urban development on one side, and a commercial/industrial development on the other. As well as some natural landscaping and various buildings.

Bridgetown is in a way an untold story, an almost modern legend that nobody has heard. Towards the future, perhaps someday building will resume there, but the place as it exists now, is reminiscent of a once golden age, when cities were founded every day. Though many lessons take place in Alpha World, one that was learned there is this; that the age of new cities has long passed, and that perhaps the best place for 'new' cities would be in the already existing ones. But the legend exists in that the last great attempt at a new city was made, offering the finest builders from all over AW, but in the end, a city isn't made by builders, but by the people that inhabit them, and while opinions about Bridgetown would differ, all would agree on this, that there just wasn't enough people to allow the city to grow.

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