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BallBot is a single-purpose bot that simply spawns an avatar which can be "kicked" around through the use of the first gesture of the user's avatar, making it useful for ball-type games such as football. It is a watered-down version of it's AWGames equivalent, lacking advanced physics such as drag.


Its main feature is spawning an avatar with a set avatar number and home location for kicking around.

  • Reacts to a user performing the first gesture in its set in close proximity to it.
  • Records a log of actions, such as who kicked it.
  • Can be set to refuse kicks from bots (to avoid cheating).
  • Can be set to return to its home location every 2 minutes to avoid it being abandoned too far from the area.

See Also

  • Ima Genius - Owner of ImaBot and creator of many novelty bots

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