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Defines the data structure in AW_OBJECT_DATA used by an mover object within the mover's data structure to define a single waypoint for a server controlled mover following a predefined path in world.


(This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change)

typedef struct aw_waypoint {
  short           x;
  short           y;
  short           z;
  short           yaw;
  short           pitch;
  short           roll;
  unsigned short  speed;
  unsigned char   pause;
  unsigned short  flag;
} aw_waypoint;

The total length of waypoint data is calculated as:

len = count * sizeof (aw_waypoint);

See also

aw_data, aw_object_data_mover, AW_OBJECT_DATA, AW_OBJECT_TYPE, AW_EVENT_OBJECT_ADD