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The Avatar Menu

The context menu for avatars allows access to various options of communication and interaction. In some cases, the user must have spoken before this is enabled for them. This is accessed by clicking on another avatar, or their chat line in the chat window.


The mute feature is useful to ignore users whose chat becomes bothersome. In some cases, it is encouraged that users mute disruptive individuals as opposed to ejection.


Sets the user in the whisper selector to receive whispers.

Add to Contacts

Adds the citizen to your contacts list. The citizen may or may not allow your addition of them to your contacts. If they are already on a citizen's contacts list, this is not available.


Available to those with ejection privileges, this is used to moderate the world. Brings up the ejection dialog with the user's IP address.


Brings the user to your current location.

View homepage

Opens the configured webbrowser to the homepage of the user. This is available when the user is a citizen.