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The Auto-walk glitch was a control-related glitch that enables a key to behave like it is being held down. This had been fixed since 4.1 due to the new menu interface, which captures the ALT key.


This is reported to work only using the left hand ALT key:

  1. Hold the key(s) you want kept down.
  2. Hold the left hand ALT key.
  3. Release the key(s) being held down.
  4. Release the ALT key.

Active Worlds should now behave like the keys are still being held down. To fix this, simply press the key(s) used to hold down.


A very good use for this glitch is for exploring or traveling long distances. One can hold the ALT key, then the Walk + Run key and release as explained above. After doing this, you can sit back and wait until you reach your destination. Tip: Assign both Run and Forward to a key to only have to hold one key down

You can hold shift whilst doing the maneuver above without interrupting the glitch. The glitch is only interrupted when the forward key is pressed again. Another useful tip is to use freelook mode whilst auto-walking/running , so you can turn easier and have more control over traveling.


There are no (known) consequences for this glitch, as it does not open any security holes or glitches.