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Alphaworld Ground Zero
Ground zero

aw 2000N 7000E 0A 0


100*100 cells


Alphaworld Ground Zero is the point in Alphaworld where users are assigned to land upon entering a world. The current ground zero exists at 2000n 7000e, was installed on June 1, 2007, and is maintained by SW Chris. Due to the traffic through the area it is generally noted as a popular area for general chatting.


Alphaworld's original ground zero -- the area at 0n 0e -- is the oldest point in the Active Worlds Universe, and as such has a very rich history.

The Founding of a Universe

An overview of the ground zero area from December, 1995.
Alphaworld was first brought online in public release on the evening of June 28, 1995. Protagonist built a small ground zero and allowed other of the first users to build in the immediate area. Many of these builds have existed to the present day, and several are noted by historical markers in a propdump of the old surrounding area in the current ground zero.

Since the mid-90's events were organized in and around the ground zero area due to it's popularity and traffic. Formal long distance runs across Alphaworld would originate at this point, and many informal ones continue even today. In 2003 an event known as Old Timer's Day was held at the ground zero.

After 1999 the ground zero area continued to be maintained in an informative manner, but the aesthetic and architectural elements of the area remained as they were for long periods of time. As years passed, the ground zero area's appeal became critically outdated and it was often ridiculed by members of the community. The area was vandalized by builders seeking to advertise their builds or websites, and many unsightly picture objects littered the sides of streets through the area. A massive cleanup effort took place in 2005 to remove this vandalism.

This, along with a lack of world updates motivated members of the community to eventually rally or otherwise work to themselves contribute to the updates of Alphaworld. Alphaworld today continues to be updated by the community in this informal manner, supported from AWI by Flagg.

Resurgence Day

One of the community members who decided to take action concerning the updates of Alphaworld was SW Chris. In September, 2005, Chris begun a new ground zero project as a proof-of-concept to submit to AWI upon completion with no guarantee of acceptance as a new world entry point. Chris imported a propdump of the existing Alphaworld ground zero to 2000n 7000e and began working on revamping the old park into a vibrant and relevant area for visitors and regulars alike.

Enlisting a team of talented builders, SW Chris spent a year and a half working and consulting his team to preserve historical sites and buildings, remove unsightly builds, and add new features to the area.

The immediate entry point is an informative, paved park -- world advertisements can be found in this area. To the north, a pub built by Espilae and a revamped Peacekeeper building built by Hyper Anthony can be found. A memorial for deceased AW users modeled after the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. can be found to the northwest by crossing a small stream. A large, refurbished fountain lies to the south of the ground zero area.

This ground zero was opened to the public on June 1, 2007. The world entry point was changed to this area, and as of August 2009 SW Chris' ground zero remains as the world entry point and is actively maintained.


The ground zero of Alphaworld has been a subject of controversy in the Active World's community for many years. During the mid-2000's it increasingly became a point of contention between varying factions of the community due to it's state of disrepair as compared to other important ground zeroes, such as AWGate. Some argued that the flagship world of the Universe should not look as 'poorly' as it did. Others cited the ground zero as historical and demanded that it not be touched. A compromise came with the changing of the world entry point away from the 0n 0e area -- leaving the existing ground zero intact.

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