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Citizen of Active Worlds (universe)


Citizen Number(s)



MavinTheMartian, Blink 182, and blink182skater


Los Angeles, CA (U.S.)


Gray (AlphaWorld);
Marvin_the_Martian, Jake (AWTeen);
Clint, Maximilian (Megapath)






AlexTheMartian (citizen number 332911), previously MavinTheMartian, Blink 182, and blink182skater, immigrated on March 22, 2001.

AlexTheMartian was a Caretaker of AWTeen from 2003-2005. After resigning from being an AWTeen Caretaker in 2005, AlexTheMartian remained on staff as a Teen Patrol member up until 2008 or 2009. He was Object Path Manager and Building Team Leader in AWTeen under Espilae's governorship. He also for a time served as Brock's Caretaker Assistant, a position created in June 2006 in the aftermath of JerMe's resignation.

AlexTheMartian has since started a new development on previously uninhabited Seawing Island of SW City (AW 1683.394S 3871.675E 1.00a 270) and as of June 2011 development has covered most of the island and is still in development.

Moonlight Heights

In 2001, shortly after becoming a citizen of Active Worlds, AlexTheMartian (then blink182skater) started a town named Blinkville, now Moonlight Heights, that same year. The town remained active at least part of each year up until 2009, at the time being the oldest active town in AWTeen.



  • March 22, 2001 - Became an Active Worlds citizen, with the name blink182skater, same as when a tourist.
  • March 24, 2001 - AWTeen 31.1n 32w 90, AlexTheMartian's first building in AWTeen, and his oldest existing build in Active Worlds. A house in Blockville, the closest town to AWTeen's Ground Zero (still partly existing, although now a ghost town), with the house at the very Northwest corner of the current AWTeen Ground Zero.
  • April 7, 2001 - AWTeen 520s 500w 180, Moonlight Heights founded (known as Blinkville at founding). Started to roughly layout GZ, and started building Town Hall. GZ and Town Hall are at the same location as at founding, although redone many time over the year.
  • May 24, 2001 - Changed name to Blink 182.
  • Date unknown - Changed name to MarvinTheMartian after using the Mavin_the_Martian avatar in AWTeen all the time. Changed name of town to Moonlight Heights at approximately same time.
  • Date unknown - changed name to AlexTheMartian, because people believed his real name was Marvin, but it is actually Alex.
  • Early 2009 - Moonlight Heights development stopped as a result of AWTeen's downturn during this time.
  • February 2009 to July 2009 - Co-founded Bridgetown with other successful builders from Alphaworld and AWTeen, located between SW City and Horizon City. It was the first town to use Active World's newly offered Group Build Account, also known as "Grouptastic" accounts, were multiple citizens use the privileged password of a single account which is provided to a group with sole purpose of being used for group building.
  • July 2009 - Started new development on previously uninhabited Seawing Island in SW City.

Notable Builds

  • Moonlight Heights - AWTeen 520s 500w 0a 180 (Ground Zero is currently empty, please explore other areas of the city beyond Ground Zero)
  • Walmart - AWTeen 570.50S 406.50W 0a 180


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