Alastria County

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Alastria County is a political subdivision of the world Alphaworld in the Activeworlds main Universe. The County seat is the city of Anomia.


The County is square in shape, and its Boundaries are as follows:

11,000 s
9,000 e
16,000 s
4,000 e

Below is a map of the SE Quadrant of Alphaworld in which Alastria County is highlighted in blue.


Alastria County is part of a dual governance system with the City of Anomia. Under this system, the City of Anomia passes and enforces all governing law for the entire county. As such, events that occur within the county but outside of the city are still within the jurisdiction of the Anomia government system. Most such governmental policies and regulations are laid out in the Anomia Municipal Constitution or the Anomia Municipal Code.