Active Worlds 15th Birthday

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Active Worlds 15th Birthday occurred on June 28, 2010. Events in celebration of this occasion lasted over a week, and their organization is generally contributed to Bach Zhaa and the efforts of the community in the Active Worlds town hall meetings. The events culminated on Friday, July 2, in a parade that took place in Zelena City, as well as a large 2010 Community Photograph that took place in AWGate.



  • June 27
  • June 28
    • The party continues in Winter world. Active Worlds turned 15 on this day.
  • June 29
    • The party continues in AWTours world. The time was also used to increase awareness of AWTours' mission and value as a resource.
  • June 30


  • July 1
    • The party continues in AWMix07 world.
  • July 2
    • 5pm VRT - A parade of movers is organized in Zelena City and grand marshaled by Flagg. Half a dozen citizens participate by building floats, with numerous others following along the streets of Zelena or riding on the floats.
    • 7pm VRT - Bingo worlds open to bridge the time gap between the parade and the community photo.
    • 10pm VRT - The Active Worlds community met on the large steps in AWGate world for a massive community photograph. Over 150 people participated.
    • 11pm VRT - The festivities of the day end in AWSchool with a wrap party at the Fishbone.