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This Spambot Management page exists as an extension of the Community Portal to allow users to understand why new accounts are being banned temporarily or permanently.

In recent weeks, robot accounts that generate spam ("spambots") are registering new accounts on the ActiveWiki. To weed them out from legitimate users, all questionable new accounts are being banned for a maximum period of one week. After this one week has expired, users are free to begin editing. Spambots rarely, if ever, edit after their one week ban has expired.

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Administrator Procedure

If a spam article is posted, the first available administrator is to:

  • Permanently Ban the offending spambot
  • Delete the article

In that order. Discretion to temporarily banning potential spambots is left to the administrator. Spambots typically have nonsensical names and register new accounts within several minutes of one-another.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was my account banned?

If you are a new user with a questionable username, your account will be blocked for a maximum period of one week to filter out legitimate users from spambots.

What is a questionable username?

Legitimate users are encouraged to use their ActiveWorlds citizen name when registering on the ActiveWiki. Using your ActiveWorlds citizen name drastically lowers your chances of being mistaken for a suspected spambot and subsequently being banned for a week. For example, a legitimate username would be "Hyper Anthony," while a questionable username would be "HyperAnthony2941837192047184019." Usernames that are questionable will be banned for a week. Usernames that are legitimate will be observed for a period of one week, and if spam originates from a username previously thought to be legitimate, the account will be banned pending review.

When will the spambot attacks stop?

We don't know, but in the meantime, these policies are required to ensure the ActiveWiki remains a credible source for ActiveWorlds information.

How can I help?

Editors can assist administrators in deleting pages by tagging them with the Template:Flagdeletion template. Just paste it onto the page and we'll deal with it as soon as possible.

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