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Community Portal > Workshop

This Workshop page exists as an extension of the Community Portal to give users easy access to articles that may need special attention. Thank you for supporting the ActiveWiki!

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Current Events

The Main Page is updated often with the date, links to the latest AW build update, and information regarding current events.

Regular editors cannot touch the Main Page because it is protected, however regular editors may update the current events through the Events template, listed below. Please help us keep the wiki active!

New Pages

This section details new pages to the wiki. It is useful for these pages to be reviewed by other users to ensure that new pages are written to a clear and wiki-appropriate standard and are clean and easy to read. Please leave your signature if you check these.

Miscellaneous pages

This section details miscellaneous repairs that can be made to the wiki by any user. You can help us by expanding short pages, writing articles for red links, and fix broken pages. If you work to amend the problems below, please leave your signature as the most recent clear!

Unused Pages

This section details unused files and media on the ActiveWiki. You can help the activewiki by adding content in this area.


The ActiveWiki is always looking for new Guides! If you want to write something to help others and don't want to stick to the formal style of articles, you may want to consider creating a guide. Guides can be about any topic of interest as long as it relates to Active Worlds, and is also a teaching material.