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ActiveWiki Administration
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Welcome to the ActiveWiki Administration Hub. This page is the central location to learn about ActiveWiki's policies and guidelines of conduct, as well as standards of editing and to file complaints or grievances.


Administrators are split into two groups -- SysOps and Bureaucrats. SysOps, also known as SysOps manage the day-to-day on the ActiveWiki, and can typically assist you with a technical question or other grievances. Bureaucrats have all of the rights that SysOps do, with the additional right to promote or demote users to SysOps status.

Administrator Conduct

If you have a grievance with the conduct of an Administrator, you may discuss it on the Administrators Talk Page. Legitimate grievances (included but not limited to: abuses of power, inappropriate deletion, and unjust banning) will be forwarded to AWI for review and/or arbitration.


A policy is an official set of guidelines concerning activity on the ActiveWiki that has been:

  • created by AWI
  • enforced by AWI
  • voted on by the ActiveWiki community and approved by AWI

Policies can span a variety of topics, from conduct to the bureaucracy in which information should be handled or processed on the wiki. They exist to create a written standard for users to work by.

Policies should be thoroughly understood by members of the wiki community, or by anyone who wishes to contribute. Failures to adhere to policies may result in a temporary or permanent block from the wiki.

Creation of Policies

Any user of the ActiveWiki can write and create a policy. It should be noted that policies created by AWI or enacted in response to potentially dangerous situations for the wiki with the approval of AWI do not need to go through community review.

  • Create Policy Page
Use the following page syntax -- (ex. ActiveWiki:Administration/Policy Discussion/Wannabe-Policy). This is to ensure consistency among policy pages.
  • Link it here
Upon creation of your policy page, you should link it here under the Policies Under Review header, located below. You may also link it to the Policy Discussion Page.
  • Prepare for Voting
Include the Vote Template at the top of your page, along with your signature. If done correctly, it should appear like the template below.

Link to the events template (appears on the main page of the wiki) to attract users to vote. Voting will last for two weeks, upon which point the policy will be passed, reviewed, or rejected. Good luck!

List of Policies

Official Guidelines


Policies Under Review

Active Review

Failed Review

If a policy fails review due to lack of consensus by votes (read: nobody voted), it can be reactivated by the main author at any time. A policy that failed review by voter rejection should be discussed and improved in its talk page before being reactivated.