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This Fun Stuff page exists as an extension of the Community Portal to make editing the ActiveWiki fun and engaging for editors. It contains information regarding user pages and ways for users to express themselves on the ActiveWiki.

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User Pages

User pages are available for every user to leave information regarding themselves. Your personal user page can be accessed by clicking on your username on the top menu bar. User pages aren't conventional article pages, and as such can be used to display whatever you want so long as it does not violate the Active Worlds Conduct Guidelines.

If you wish to reference yourself on an article, you may do so by linking to your user page. Current convention on the ActiveWiki regarding referencing users is as follows:

 [[User:My Name|My Name]] 


Userboxes are templates that are designed to be added easily to pages and describe a brief quality or interest of the user that adds them to their page. Userboxes exist for use on User Pages only. In addition to this, they are also categorized to place users with similiar interests in the same categories, which can be viewed on a tab along the bottom of ActiveWiki pages.

List of Userboxes

Example Code (Paste this onto your page!) Example Code (Paste this onto your page!)
Community Portal
Citizen of Active Worlds


Citizen Number(s)














 {{Alphaworld Resident}} 
 {{Atlantis Resident}} 
 {{AWTeen Resident}} 
 {{AWGate Regular}} 
 {{AWGames Player}} 
 {{Bad Builder}} 
 {{Scarabian Republic}} 
 {{COFMeta Resident}} 
 {{Mars Resident}} 
 {{Winter Resident}} 
 {{ADDRPG Player}} 
 {{Bingo Player}}