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AbMo PhoneBot
Chat relay

Absolute Monarch





First release



Always scan downloaded files before attempting to open


The AbMo Phonebot is a bot developed by Absolute Monarch intended for users who do not have caretaker rights and thus could not enable a global chat bot for users to communicate in remote regions of the same world. Users of the phonebot specify coordinates for separate instances of the bot to exist in a world, and the areas that are within chat range of the bot will be connected to its chat network. Most users in the Active Worlds Universe have a bot limit of 3 bot instances, so unless they utilize other users privilege passwords, most networks are kept between two or three areas.

This bot was popular in Alphaworld—especially in SW City, the group for which it was developed. SW City's network was known as Scaranet and had upwards of 20 instances in the world, depending on the available host. The bot has fallen from general popularity in 2009 as Alphaworld has been supported by a global chat bot, thus making it's presence in Alphaworld obsolete.

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