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Minimum requirements
Added in version 2.1
SDKbuild 13





Interval at which browsers will look for updated versions of objects.


This is how long it takes (in minutes) for a file on the Object Path to expire. After a file expires, the next time a user visits the world, their browser will check the web site to see if it the file has changed, and then download the file again if it has.

As a rule, if object files used in the world are changing rapidly then keep this value low in order to ensure that all users have the latest copies of all the files (e.g. 0 means that browsers will look for new versions every time they enter the world). On the other hand, if the object files are not changing, then keep this value as high as possible (e.g. many worlds use an object refresh of 10080, which is the number of minutes in one week).

The problem with having a low object refresh period is the increased load on the web server, and it also increases the bandwidth load on visitors, since their browsers will be checking your web server much more often to see if the files have changed.


Minimum:0 minutes (immediately)
Maximum:9999999 minutes (19 years)
Default:10080 minutes (7 days)

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