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Minimum requirements
Added in version 3.0
SDKbuild 16
Worldbuild 23
Browserbuild 336





Distance from the camera beyond which a browser completely obscures objects by fog.


Objects closer than AW_WORLD_FOG_MINIMUM are not affected by fog. Objects between the values of AW_WORLD_FOG_MINIMUM and AW_WORLD_FOG_MAXIMUM are partially obscured by fog. Objects further away than the value of AW_WORLD_FOG_MAXIMUM are completely obscured by fog and are not visible to the user. The bigger the difference between AW_WORLD_FOG_MINIMUM and AW_WORLD_FOG_MAXIMUM, the thinner the fog will be.

Important Note: This is also the distance of the far clipping plane, beyond which point objects will vanish from your view completely, even if fog is disabled!

The max fog distance can be set to a value up to 1200 meters. Note that this does not change your visibility range for property-based objects, but rather allows you to extend the visibility range for world-based geometry such as ground objects and terrain. While this can be used to create striking vistas, it should be noted that this will also greatly increase the number of terrain polygons in view and lower the accuracy of the z-buffer. You may want to consider carefully whether it is more important in your world to see far into the distance, or to preserve performance and avoid the annoying z-buffer "bleeding" that some users may experience if this value is set too high.


Minimum:50 meters (before version 3.4: 0)
Maximum:1200 meters (before version 3.4: 400)
Default:120 meters

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