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Minimum requirements
Added in version 3.4
SDKbuild 32
Browserbuild 491





Send a proper referrer string to the web server when downloading objects.


If set to 1 (true) then the Active Worlds Browser identifies itself to web servers according to HTTP standards. The format of a referrer is "aw://host:port/worldname/session" where host and port is the dotted quad IP address and service port of the universe, worldname is the name of the world for which the file is being downloaded, and session is the session number of the user (e.g. "aw://").

The companies who do not allow direct linking (e.g. Geocities and Lycos) check for a referrer and allow pictures to display only when the referrer starts in the same vincinity as the website itself or there is no referrer (probably to allow email usage, since normally, even this had to be blocked). The transmitted referrer does not satisfy those conditions, not to speak about the non-standard protocol type "aw://" which could be another condition when those websites check for a HTTP protocol address.

Default value

0, False

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