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The AWTeen Design Committee is a part of the AWTeen council. The committee is responisble for the design and creation of new objects, avatars, textures, particles, sounds and SEQ animations.

The team works independantly and develops its own projects, but another primary responsibility is to assist the other members of the AWTeen Council in their projects and events. Members of the AWTeen community are also encouraged to request new objects and avatars.

The Team

The committee is currently headed by Robbie, who has been responsible for objects and avatars in AWTeen since 2001 (except Jan 2005 - Sep 2006).

Other members currently include: Joshua. and Justin Eyres


Obs added in 2007: 767

Avs added in 2007: 24

Texs added in 2007: 765

Updates in 2007: 4

Ob requests fulfilled: 11

Av requests fulfilled: 13

AWTeen has one of the largest non-multi OP's in Active Worlds. New objects are added monthly and are contributed by the design team as well as AWTeen community members.