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A. Charter Outline

The Charter is designed to serve as the rules and regulatory code needed for a complete overhaul of the AWTeen Government. All rules and regulations here will be carried out by Caretakers, TeenPatrols, and members of the Events Team. Individual rules may be suspended only under the supervision of an AWI employee, or during times of unrest or attacks. Should any malicious force attempt to destroy any part of AWTeen, all rights will be revoked until the situation is handled by AWI.

B. Guidelines

-1. Caretakers


Any caretaker, may, at his or her discretion:

  • Take any action necessary to ensure the protection of the AWTeen server, buildings, or personal.
  • Modify any world attributes, excluding cell limit, shift, fly, and gravity.
  • Eject any citizen for up to one day, except in case of hacking, and must file a report of why that citizen was ejected at a public database on a website or world that has yet to be decided


  • Name a temporary replacement, only in case of an absence lasting more than one week. The replacement will not have caretaker rights, but will fill in for voting, advisement, and arbitration duties in the absence of the caretaker. The replacement can direct other caretakers to perform reasonable tasks in his or her place.


Any citizen wishing to become a caretaker must meet three of the following qualifications. AWI, can, at it's discretion, suspend any requirement.

  • Citizenship created not less than six months ago.
  • Must be known to have used AWTeen for six months or more.
  • No record of being ejected from AWTeen within the last 4 months for more than one day.
  • Qualification 4
  • Qualification 5

-2. TeenPatrol

-3. Emergency Response Team

-4. JAM

-5. Events Team

Y. Glossary

Word Definition

Z. Notes

(Events Team) This is something I love to do, and would like to still do / run, etc. :] Can someone approve/disapprove this? (opinions? :3) --Curtis 11:32, 8 December 2009 (EST)