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The AWTeen Building team is a defunct organization. In the past the organization and its citizen account have been used for collaborative AWTeen projects, such as ground zeroes. The Building team has not been as consistently active as other organizations -- such as the JAM Guides -- because many collaborative efforts in world fall under the jurisdiction of their host teams, and subsequently are built by those groups.

Caretaker Organizations
NurseMom None Currently Active

Towns and Communities

Blue Moon VillageCobalt CityCypress HollowDiamond HeightsGooglHuntingtonHydrogen CityKingsvilleKittyKatt's CityLunariusMoonlight HeightsNew Arklay CityNew Capital CityNew Walnut CityOakdaleOld Capital CityPalmshirePerpetual CityPhoenix CitySky View CityUnity CityWinter City