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AWTA (ActiveWorlds Travel Agency) was a non-profit organization which provided free services to the ActiveWorlds community. AWTA provided advertising services for AW communities, worlds and towns. Ads were displayed in booths that were usually built near town/world entry points. Php-based advertising system were used from late 2001 to 2003. Another popular service of AWTA was AWCounter. It was a free php-script based visitor counter for towns, worlds and other locations.


Active: Nov 30, 2000 - 2003
Virtual advertising locations: 76
Virtual advertising boards: over 380
Total community advertisements served: over 144000
Staff members: Partymaster and sirQus

List of advertisers and their booth locations

Name Location
ABNG56wz abng56wz 6.41N 1.06W 0.01A 90
Alphasville aw 8000.0S 15996.2E 0.2A 90
Alphaton aw 9208.5N 7499.2W 0.0A 270
Altec community awteen 1564.7S 198.4W 0.0A 180
Avatar (1.) avatar 14.12N 4.07E -4.33A 177
Avatar (2.) avatar 12.4N 2.7W -10.6A 134
Avatar (3.) avatar 1.1S 0.0W -0.1A 180
AWFC aw 942.7S 6278.7E 0.0A 180
AWSome Events Object Yard awsome 104.80S 84.20E 0.02A 89
Banshee banshee 9.5N 9.0W 0.2A 89
belgique belgique 2.5S 6.9W -0.0A 90
bigTown aw 1473.3N 2585.9W 0.0A 89
BlockVille awteen 14.7N 30.4W 0.0A 270
Bonzai Town awteen 205.4S 1912.9E 0.0A 180
Buildup City aw 5606.42N 597.80W 0.00A 0
Capital City (2004) awteen 2496.06S 2509.04E 0.01A 91
Castle Realm aw 2034.84N 5071.48W 0.06A 135
Cecil City awteen 1734.4N 856.5W 0.0A 267
Cliffwood aw 2250.3S 1060.9W 0.1A 180
Cloud City awteen 1537.33S 439.81W 31.31A 181
Cypris Creek aw 2059.27S 3354.85E 0.15A 315
DashTown aw 31614.8S 26143.7E 0.4A 359
Diamond Heights awteen 158.92N 2500.49W 0.08A 360
espilax aw 3196.2N 4180.0W 0.4A 96
Esther City aw 11496.2N 7494.2W 0.9A 338
Faerie City awteen 1013.70N 1121.56W 0.10A 0
Fantazia awteen 1371.06S 376.40W 0.52A 179
Funland! funland! 6.58N 18.39E 0.05A 180
GameBld gamebld 7.13S 1.12E 0.04A 225
Groovy groovy 0.0N 4.2W 0.0A 90
Hicks Town aw 106.0N 2869.1W 0.8A 268
Hole hole 6.09N 1.28W 0.05A 354
Horizon City aw 6999.1S 13986.5E 0.2A 0
Jacobs Creek aw 6743.49S 13647.97E 0.26A 90
Kael aw 13799.1S 20808.5W 0.0A 0
KAHTown aw 2220.8S 2140.4E 0.0A 46
Kalaville aw 11552.4N 11535.8W 0.0A 0
Kingdom of Valeria wildaw 430.3N 683.0W 0.1A 0
KriegMar Gallery aw 2255.5N 851.4W 0.0A 313
Mage Town Mars mars 870.9N 402.2W 0.1A 2
Maze Area aw 3216.0N 2037.1E 0.0A 0
Moonlight Heights awteen 521.0S 490.5W 0.0A 178
Neighborhood uswf_cc 0.8S 3.2E 0.0A 180
Nottsville aw 26990.1N 12993.5W 1.3A 180
Oni town aw 6170.8N 6157.5W 1.3A 84
OORT aw 5.5N 483.2E 0.0A 223
PeTripoli aw 5288.8N 572.1W 0.0A 33
Pokemon Mania aw 4192.3N 5541.1W 0.0A 90
Redwood awteen 845.4N 1652.2W 0.0A 313
Republic of Anatevcka aw 6262.8N 1925.4E 0.0A 237
Saddle Creek aw 2030.4S 3667.5E 0.0A 270
Sapphire Estates aw 17976.00S 16016.47W 0.74A 89
Scholzberg aw 27504.1S 7999.7W 0.4A 182
Silver Valley aw 2401.1S 3535.3E 0.0A 178
SkyTown aw 1982.6N 3017.3E 30.4A 89
Snagglepuss City awteen 1457.62S 529.13W 0.07A 315
Springville aw 8507.6S 8999.6W 0.6A 135
SS Cyber aw 6518.5N 2132.2E 0.0A 90
Storage storage 5.9N 1.5E 0.0A 359
Sun Valley aw 18005.1N 15994.9W 0.5A 210
Sunshinetown aw 9875.3N 3460.6W 0.0A 179
SW City aw 2209.4S 3591.3E 0.0A 270
The Beans thebeans 7.5S 5.9W 0.4A 87
TigerPaw City aw 2.8N 29220.6E 0.7A 1
Town Blaze aw 20418.1N 10003.1W 0.1A 44
Townsville USA awteen 1495.85S 462.21W 0.16A 90
Triforce Sound Network awteen 152.71N 2472.88W 0.07A 270
UTN aw 86.7S 3725.6W 0.0A 45
Venus Valley aw 2928.03N 586.42W 0.00A 90
Willow Bay awteen 1102.0S 707.3W 0.0A 88
Vstudios vstudios 0.8N 1.5W 0.1A 359
Xeroxers aw 4657.0N 3386.5W 0.0A 225
y o s e m i t e aw 5996.9S 13506.9E 0.7A 303
Y2kBug Kingdom aw 0.7N 5297.5W 0.0A 360
Yeti City aw 9071.15N 7162.88E 0.00A 316
YoshiVille aw 8994.0S 18004.4W 0.3A 90