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World of Active Worlds

August 7, 2010


P275 N,W,S,E ? Users






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AWReunion is an AWI public building world. It is currently serving as the universe's entry point, superseding AWGate since August 2012. It was officially opened on September 18, 2010 as an alternative to the real-life AWReunion events. Since the virtual reunion of summer 2012, it has hosted seasonal build events for fall and winter. NurseMom currently serves as the world's caretaker and object path provider.


AWReunion was originally conceived by Stacee as an alternative to the real-life reunions. Flagg and AWI created the world with NurseMom as acting caretaker on August 7, 2010. The world was opened by the AWReunion team, which included SkiRascal, NurseMom, Bach Zhaa, CAnn, LizLiz, WOODY. and tunablues.

AWReunion 2010

Main Article: AWReunion 2010

When opened, the world begun a reunion event as a follow on from the Active Worlds 15th Birthday celebration. This took place on a large central landmass with up to 250 small cabins made available for builders to build on. Approximately 200 users had been allocated cabins.

AWReunion 2012

In late July, AWReunion was expanded with tropical islands to the south west of the mainland continent. From August 3 to August 18, 2012, the islands hosted a summer virtual reunion, opening campsites for visitors to claim and build on.

After the tropical island reunion, two more build events had followed to extend the use of AWReunion. In late August, a large landmass to the south of the main continent was built up as a village. This hosted a fall building event from September 1 to October 31. Another large landmass was built up to the south east to host a winter village build event. The world was upgraded to P275 by E N Z O on November 2.

In mid-September, the world was indefinitely set to the universe's gate world, superseding AWGate. This meant that new users had landed at the fall village and the Gatekeepers had moved their shifts to the world. The world was also frequented by AWI staff E N Z O and chrispeg.


The world is built, managed and moderated by a team of volunteers. They are also assisted by the Peacekeepers and Gatekeepers. The team currently consists of (in no particular order):

  • NurseMom - Caretaker
  • WOODY. - Caretaker
  • Bach Zhaa - Caretaker, builder
  • MaXPoly - Bot host
  • OhioMan
  • CAnn
  • Lazysuzy o - Builder, greeter
  • Karten - Security, greeter
  • MeL - Security, builder, greeter
  • LizLiz - Greeter
  • CHAURA o - Greeter
  • LadyEagleHeart - Greeter
  • Roy Curtis - Builder, greeter


The world consists of a large central landmass with hilly terrain, lakes, coastal cliffs and beaches. This landmass reached an extent of 100 coordinates in all compass directions. In the surrounding ocean are various islands hosting builds and projects by various citizens. The landing zone welcome center was built by tunablues.

Tropical islands

To the south west is an archipelago of small tropical islands, some with a designated color. Each island hosts various campsites and builds, such as the welcome center tiki huts and dance clubs. Other physical features include a small central volcano and underwater dome housing for some AWReunion team members. The tiki hut welcome zone was built by Iao Moonshadow, with map built by Bach Zhaa.

Fall village

To the south is a large rectangular landmass, with a large village built in an American-style grid layout. The terrain and landing zone were built with a fall and Halloween style, with a cemetery by Sidris to the south linking to all lots. Lots were available in three sizes:

  • Small - 5*5 Cells, prefab house required, maximum one movers
  • Medium - 5*11 Cells, prefab house optional, maximum two movers
  • Large - 11*11 Cells, prefab house optional, maximum four movers, citizens only

The landing zone and surrounding terrain were built by Bach Zhaa, Iao Moonshadow and Sidris. In late September, the north coast was extended by Bach Zhaa to create single cell lots for a one-cell mover contest, which concluded on October 24.

Winter town

To the south east is a large winter themed landmass, featuring rocky and smooth coasts, lakes, hills and a ski mountain. The landmass is built up as a town of pre-fabricated log cabins in a non-standard layout. The town features a restaurant, ice skating rink, a town center and a welcome cabin.

The landing zone was built as a "portal" with a tutorial for new users, due to the world's role as the universe's entry point. The portal and welcome cabin was built by Roy Curtis. The surrounding town center, park, terrain and other builds were built by Bach Zhaa, MeL and NurseMom.


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