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Build 1500
Release date

Feb 10, 2018


AWI Chris

New features
  • Updated CEF
  • Updated Media
  • Fixed User Interface

Welcome to Active Worlds 3D
Version 6.4 was a maintanance release, including many fixes. Major changes and fixes are listed.

Rights to Use

The Community preserves all rights that lead to the software changes of this version 6.4, while all software source remain propriatary at Activeworlds,Inc and PP3D. Activeworlds, Inc's customers, including usage of this software compilation for educational purposes, require an additional registration and new installers.

Build 1518

21 March 2018

  • Easy install for Intel based Mac OS-X, Unix und Linux like systems. See MacOSX.

Build 1517

20 March 2018

  • EDU enabled.
  • Defaults for custom settings.
  • Fixed notepad not loading as intended.

Build 1516

15 March 2018

  • Rollback to VLC SDK version 2.2.8, since version 3.x is still too buggy.
  • Apply latest LUA scripts from VLC v3.0.1 to v2.2.8, to support youtube's and other streaming sites' recent web scripts - that is all we really need from VLC.
  • Fixed a long-time issue when sound and noise commands stopped working, in case nearby sound and noise commands refered to the same link/source.

Build 1515

13 March 2018

  • Fixed interface to VLC SDK version 3.0.1, when VLC aborted with a runtime error instead of returning an according value.

Build 1514

11 March 2018

  • VLC SDK to version 3.0.1

Build 1513

10 March 2018

  • Full update.
  • Updated the message file (default.awh) to enable Web - CEF / 'Best GPU support'.
  • Various fixes to the online installer.
  • Full installer for recent version.
  • Eased Web/CEF popup blocker for testing.
  • Added a CEF component required by the 64 Bit version of Windows Vista.
  • Fixed an issue when the main window got closed, while a docked web window was closed and 'Best GPU support' was selected.
  • Fixed an issue when CEF showed a data-link in the URL field while an HTTP-error page was displayed.

Build 1512

5 March 2018

  • Added nocache option to the media action command.
  • Ensure audio volume control continues, even when no audio stream is active.

Build 1511

4 March 2018

  • Fix for Windows Vista, using the correct cef_xp path.

Build 1510

1 March 2018

  • Finishing intended updates to CEF, VLC and UI.
  • Added option for 3D chat balloon font face name (balloon_font).

Build 1509

28 Feb 2018

  • Updated Search Tab and Notepad Tab to recent CEF
  • Added option for 3D chat balloon font size (balloon_font_size).
  • Let Windows 6.0, alias Vista, use legacy fallback layers, since its kernel incompatibility.

Build 1508

26 Feb 2018

  • Critical patch updating the Updater.
  • Updater is now more verbose and takes care no aworld process is blocking.
  • Updating LZMA and LZMA2.
  • These updates allow new live update and installer formats in the future.

Build 1505 to 1507

10 Feb 2018 to 24 Feb 2018

  • User Interface fixes, including several crashing issues.
  • Replacing some more ProfIUS library classes by native MFC.
  • Redesign UI to follow native Windows version dependend behavior closer.
  • Redesign UI background colour from black to white.
  • Removing outdated RichEdit version support of chat console, fixing flickering.
  • CEF 3.3282.1733.g9091548
  • VLC 2.2.8 stable

Build 1500 to 1505

10 Feb 2018, before

  • Community Beta Builds, labled as version 6.3
  • CEF 3.3282.1733 | Chromium 64.0.3282.119
  • VLC 3.0 experimental | VLC 2.2.8 stable