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2011 is the 16th year since Active Worlds came into existence (at first AlphaWorld prior to 1996).

Major Events

Community Events


Browser Updates

Active Worlds Version 5.1

Active Worlds Version 5.2

  • GUI redesigned, now featuring HUDs
  • Faster Engine
  • Advanced Graphics Settings


General Timeline
2011 is part of a series.


  • January 25
    • AD&DRPG is restored to working operation. Development on the world resumes later through the year.


  • February 2
  • February 15
    • Sedan celebrated its fifth anniversary since its foundation in 2006 and the first to be celebrated since the world's first opening in November 2010.



  • AWTours world experiences an intense period of new development thanks to the efforts of a team of citizens led by Urbane Chaos. Discussion of the future of tours and events in AW occurs at the Active Worlds Town Hall meetings and forums.
  • Mauz's passing is first announced to the ActiveWorlds community in the AW forums. Plans are announced to memorialize her website.


  • May 9
    • The Alphaworld AWG Yard is created after some initial discussion on the AW forums. After the concept took off, a second yard was built in AWTeen.


  • A week of festivities occur in relation to AW's 16th Birthday.
  • June 1
    • Official recognition of the Commons of UNESPA, an inter-administrative union formed by the Treaty of Panala signed by the cities of Neophyx, Sedan and Panala to unify a total of seven administered entities identified as Commons.


  • July 6
    • V4 Rights are activated for all users in Alphaworld following a disruption of service to the V4 Bot on Pamozo Island.
  • July 31
    • The Great Contraption Contest ends.


New Communities and Worlds

Notable Locations