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Cy Awards Ceremonies
2009 Cy Awards is part of a series.

The 2009 Cy Awards is an awards ceremony that took place at 10pm VRT on November 14, 2009. The Cy Awards are held annually and are decided through community voting for the best entry in a number of specific topics.

The 2009 Cy Awards were MC'd by Lady Teal.

The Event

2009 Cy Awards Logo.


Nominations took place from October 16 to the 26th on the Cy Awards Website. Users could submit their nomination for any specific topic through a form on the website, which were then processed for voting.


A number of rules were set in place for nominations, which are as follows:

1. All nominations must be active since the last ceremony or November of last year.
2. Everyone qualifies except those that won last year and cannot win again in the same category. Clarification all previous winners can be nominated with the exception of last year's winners in same category that they won.
3. Please take time when the nominations open to fill out the form correctly. We receive 1000s for all the categories and correct information assures that your nomination is accepted.
5. Only citizens are allowed to nominate and vote.


The categories available for nomination are as follows:

  • Best Build
  • Best Event
  • Best Leader
  • Best Software
  • Best Avatar
  • Best Community or Town
  • Best Interactive Game
  • Best Media Presentation
  • Best Website
  • Best Bot Design
  • Best Effect
  • Best Landscaping
  • Best Object Design
  • Best World
  • Write-in


Voting for the 2009 Cy Awards took place from November 1 through the 9th, and was held through a polling system on the Cy Awards Website.


The Cy Awards was held in their traditional location -- the amphitheater of CYAwards world. A crowd of over 100 users was in attendance, including AWI Staff Chrispeg. The ceremony was heavily promoted through the Universal Immigration Officer message, AWPortals, and by new social-networking means such as the SW City Facebook Group.


The winners of the 2009 Cy Awards were announced at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday Night. They are as follows:

Community Nominated

Best Build: TobyTaylor for Oriental Village

Best Event: Cy Awards - Lady Teal

Best Leader:: NurseMom

Best Software: DEM2rwx - Andras

Best Avatar: Flipz

Best Community or Town: Nurses - NurseMom

Best Interactive Game: AWBingo - DMC2U

Best Media Presentation: MaXPoly's MaX-Pro Systems

Best Website: ActiveWiki - Hyper Anthony, Martin, Syntax

Best Bot Design: Andras

Best Effect: Winter Mania Park Ride - Bach Zhaa and Dreamer2

Best Landscape: OhMy!!! - Ohioman

Best Object Design: Ohioman

Best World: OhMy!!! - Ohioman & AWMix07 - Class 3

Write In: Birthday Builds - NurseMom

Cy-Committee Nominated

Spirit Awards

Kenny McC
Bach Zhaa

Lifetime Achievement Awards

SW Chris
Strike Rapier (Mark Randall)

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