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2006 is the 11th year since Active Worlds came into existence (at first AlphaWorld prior to 1996). May also be known in some cases as year 11 in Active Worlds.


General Timeline
2006 is part of a series.




  • April 1
    • SW City's 7th Birthday Bash starts and lasts through April 2. The following events happened; Opening Ceremonies, Pipe Plunge Classic, SW City Revisited Tour, SW City Interactive Grand Opening, The SW Amazing Race IV, Movie Night - The Matrix Reloaded, Mango Land Game Night, Pipe Plunge 2.0 - Sewer Edition, Ilexus Caves Reloaded, Closing Ceremonies & Fireworks Display.
  • April 15
    • SW City Interactive v1.1 is released to public. It contains features such as member profiles, memberlist and SUT navigation bar.


  • May 30
    • Version 4.1 build 948: floating and dockable windows, UI themes and menu effects; movers, particles, zones and cameras; personal avatars; support for more image formats like GIF and PNG; VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol); full-screen mode; empty cache option; screenshot button; contact list confirm add requests, hide blocked users; red download placeholders; global events, build mode, smooth rotate and move; midi note player; avatar list sub-menus, hidden avatars, autolook, slide and climb sequences; embedded MySQL world server with plug-ins; world rights deny and range options; down-sliding, friction and gravity; fog tinting, light source alternate color; expanded terrain texture amount and elevation range; disable chat URL clicks; botmenu, send bump event.


  • July 25


  • September 12
    • Baro starts building a Shig farm on the northern shore of the Irenic Ocean. This later expands to become the town of Zelena.


  • October 29
    • SW City Interactive reaches 300 registered users!



  • December 9
    • SW City was added to AW's official browser teleport list, making it the first user-created submission to the teleport list.
  • December 23
    • The SW City Builder's Academy is officially relaunched! The new format contained 5x the information over the last Academy website and sported a much more updated look.
  • December 30
    • Build 963: pick-up-items, awg object groups, visible radius, move gravity and lock commands, Ultra cell limit, gesture groups, more special avatars, optional second toolbar, configuration file or name and password on command line, HUD in SDK