2004 Cy Awards

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Cy Awards Ceremonies
2004 Cy Awards is part of a series.

The 2004 Cy Awards were held on May 15, 2004 in CYAwards world. The Cy Awards are held annually and are decided through community voting for the best entry in a number of specific topics. These awards were the 11th in the series, and are unique for the large number of ties.

They were MC'd by AlphaBit Phalpha.


The winners of the 2004 Cy Awards were announced at the Awards Ceremony. They are as follows:

Community Nominated

Architectural Urban Planning and Design: TIE

Environmental Design: TIE

Innovative Design: TIE

Object and Texture Design: TIE

Art Themed World: TIE

Virtual Art Project: PoLypheme - Lutece World

Avatar Development: TIE

  • Lady Murasaki - AWRPG World Private and Special Avs
  • SGi - Gollem, SGiDragon, PaintBall male and female, Mech-Veter and Mech-Cobra Avatars in VRSoup World

Community Groups and Activities: 3-WAY TIE

Best Community or Town: 4-WAY TIE

Community Leadership Participation: TIE

Bots: TIE

Technical Programs: Andras - [1]

Active Worlds Themed Web Site: TIE

Write In:

Cy-Committee Nominated

Spirit Awards

Mountain Myst

Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Real Pops

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