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2004 is the 9th year since Active Worlds came into existence (at first AlphaWorld prior to 1996). May also be known in some cases as year 9 in Active Worlds.


General Timeline
2004 is part of a series.


  • March 24
    • SW City turns 5 years old! SW City's 5th Birthday Bash begins. These things happened:
      • A Historical Tour around old SW City by SW Comit was held on the 24th at 10pm VRT.
      • The Syntax Estates' Sculpture Building contest
  • March 26
    • The SW City Birthday Bash continues. These things happened:
      • SW Comit's fireworks in front of the New City Hall located beside Mount SW and King Khalid Airport kick off the official start of the bash.
      • The Alphaworld sky is turned to night and a world message is set to Alphaworld. "Immigration Officer: Welcome to Alphaworld! :) The largest building world in Cyberspace! Join SW City as they celebrate their 5th birthday. This draws draws in 40+ people to SW City Town Square for fireworks.
      • New SW City Hall is opened to the public after a short speech by Syntax. A red ribbon is cut to symbolize the opening of the new hall. Very large attendance here.
      • Core Staff poetry reading is skipped, and the SW City Subway Challenge starts at 11:00pm VRT.
      • 130+ "birthday logs" are scattered around SW City's 32 subway stations. Contest ends at 1:00am VRT. Results are as followed:
      • After the Subway Hunt, people gathered at Mango Land to test out it's new game "The Lava Chamber." Afterwards, the remaining crowd gathered at Velothi Island to hang out at the coffee shop and check out the Stargate Teleporter.
  • March 27
    • Events continue for SW City's 5th Birthday Bash:
      • SW Comit's version of the Amazing Race and the second Amazing Race to take place in the city gets a good response as about 10+ people participate.
      • Morgul Mines Minigame in Syntax Estates debuts to the public.
      • SW City's 5th Birthday Bash comes to a close, making it the most successful Birthday Bash, or Event for that matter, in recent SW City history.


  • April 7
    • SW Comit takes an official census of SW Island, but not surrounding islands, with a Xelagot bot using the property dump that Andras had created for the city days earlier.
      • 207 builders with 50 or more objects.
      • 244 builders with 1 or more objects.


  • October 6
    • Alphaworld's Cell Data Limit is raised to "Large"
  • October 16
    • SW Chris creates "Journey's End" a video depicting various areas around SW City. This is the first video about SW City although not the first to contain images of SW City in it.


  • November 19
    • Espilae and Archergirl virtually wed at the Archipilae Church in Central SW City. Over 50 people in attendance in total over the course of the night. This included the ceremony and the reception at the Palais de Ferruccio ballroom.
  • November 26
    • Talks between SW Comit and Selanit start about creating an SW City based "RPG/Adventure" game with PHP. This is the genesis of SW City Interactive.
  • November 28
    • SW City's government is reformed to a simpler format during a meeting at SW City Hall. The SW City core became the "administration" (which oversaw the districts) and regular staff became "management" (which oversaw their own areas)." Subcommunities, suburbs, and viceroys were all grouped into one category, "Precincts", with a manager for each. The old promotional system was abolished.


  • Sometime between October 29 and December 3, SW City's Official Website receives a redesign, switching to the Scarabian Green and black color scheme that has become SW City's branding color scheme.