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2002 is the 7th year since Active Worlds came into existence (at first AlphaWorld prior to 1996). May also be known in some cases as year 7 in Active Worlds.


General Timeline
2002 is part of a series.

  • The Scarabian Republic is formed sometime during this year by members of SW City as a way of creating a coalition of mutual friendship between towns without requiring these towns to become part of SW City or subordinate to them. (Syntax, SW City Forum, September 3, 2002) This was probably formed before March 18th, when the idea of an Embassy Row of towns was introduced via the SW City Newsletter. (Conjecture based upon the first SW City Newsletter)


  • January 5
    • A proposal by Syntax to make SW City an island (to build a huge body of water around it) was brought up. Construction starts on the "ocean." It is finished on January 14 and named the Irenic Ocean on January 18.


  • March 18
    • SW Chris releases the first SW City Newsletter. It features articles on the impending mayor resignation, third birthday bash, Embassy Row and Temps Island.
  • March 24
    • SW City's 3rd Birthday bash kicks off! SW City turns 3 years old! The bash ends on the 24th. These things happened:
      • SW Comit, mayor of SW City for 3 years, resigns. SW Comit hands down mayor duties to Syntax.
      • Saddle Creek, a suburb of SW City, is upgraded to subcommunity status, making it SW City's seventh subcommunity. OniLink is promoted to Manager on the SW City staff.
  • March 25
    • The first Nimbusian is built by SW Chris in Nimbus Land.


  • April 6
    • GSK immigrates to Active Worlds: citizen number 348037.
  • April 27
    • Vornox's viceroy lot in SW City, Cypris Creek, gets promoted to "Suburb" status. It is the third citizen-built area to become a suburb (formerly called public sectors). It is also placed into Central District as Ridge District had been annexed into Central District by now due to Rae's inactivity.


  • May 8
    • SW City Ground Zero renovated by Syntax. The very first SW City Ground Zero is demolished and a new Ground Zero, which contains the monorail track, wooden towers and pink/orange tiling is built.



  • August 3
    • Espilae immigrates to Active Worlds: citizen number 349220.



  • December 14
    • Espilae's island named Esperion Isles in SW City's Irenic Ocean is promoted to suburb status and joins the Palm District, becoming the first suburb to join that district.
    • Hyper Anthony immigrates to Active Worlds; citizen number 350539