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1997 is the 2nd year since Active Worlds came into existence (at first AlphaWorld prior to 1996). May also be known in some cases as year 2 in Active Worlds.


General Timeline
1997 is part of a series.


  • January 17
    • Byte immigrates to Active Worlds; citizen number 139767 (now 30). Formerly known as Byte Me1 and Byte Me.


  • February 27
    • Circle of Fire (today Activeworlds Inc.) purchased Active Worlds and re-hired the staff (with the help of Scandinavia Online[citation needed]). Ron Britvich (Protagonist) and Dave Gobel (da5id/Nethead) had made a competing offer, which made Danny Viescas (Kalak of Tangara) team up with Rick Noll (E N Z O/Uncle Enzo).


  • October 31
    • Bruce Damer (DigiGardener) publishes Avatars: Exploring and Building Virtual Worlds on the Internet, a collection of guides and insights into the various virtual worlds available in the late 1990's. The book offers a 63 page analysis of Alphaworld and Active Worlds on the whole, including details on how to register, how to operate the technology, and useful illustrations of the early universe. The analysis also includes a detailed look at the virtual culture of Active Worlds, commenting on topics from community building to virtual marriages.