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1996 is the 1st year since Active Worlds came into existence (at first AlphaWorld prior to 1996). May also be known in some cases as year 1 in Active Worlds.


General Timeline
1996 is part of a series.


  • February 21
    • AlphaWorld browser build 68 became avaialable.

AlphaWorld browser build 68

Some noteable remarks

  • The above screenshot was taken in May 2011, and shows an avatar in standalone mode, in a huge but empty world, as no property data were cached.
  • The software was compiled for 16 bit Windows. 2 month later, a 32 bit version was available.
  • A software renderer from Renderware version 1 was used dated with February 14th 1995. 2 month later, Renderware 2.0 was introduced with build 78.
  • The application connected over UDP to an authentification server and to the world server.
  • The browser had no other options than selecting from a list of avatars.
  • The installation included 12 avatars, 402 models, 316 textures and 133 sounds, all fit onto a single 1.44" floppy disk.
  • An upgrade utility was avaialble already.
  • This beta build did not yet support avatar animation sequences.
  • A fully features help was included, the list of available objects, the complete manual, and a FAQ section.
  • The browser came with the Review Notes from 1995.
  • Navigation was done using the mouse or the keyboard. Switching between first person view and thrid person view was done using the Home and End keys. The avatar could already fly using the Plus and Minus keys.


  • October 17
    • AlphaWorld reaches version 1.0 and concludes almost a year of beta testing.